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Dear members of the Korean Academy of Anxiety Disorder, our organization which began as a small research group has celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014 and I have assumed office as president in the wake of the new decade. I would like to express my deepest gratitude towards my predecessors, former president Kwon Jun-Soo, for his dedication in finding the organization and building the initial framework of the Academy, and former president Chae Jeong-Ho, for further strengthening the foundation of the organization and successfully leading the group into its tenth anniversary. I sincerely appreciate the support of our members that made our organization famous for the high level of participation and commitment of its members.  

The main focus of the two-year term will be on further promoting exchange between members and supporting academic growth that have been pursued by the organization since its foundation. The annual academic conference in spring and autumn will be expanded along with the intensive training sessions centered on nurturing clinical skills. Anxiety and anxiety disorders are closely related to various spheres of psychiatry and psychiatric disorders—often making it difficult to separate the field from others. Therefore, the academy will carefully work towards expanding the boundaries of anxiety disorder and we expect the academic conference to cover a wider variety of topics accordingly.

The special interest groups that focus on particular disorders are a proud and unique tradition of our academy and I look forward to seeing the group become even more active in the near future. Our organization will be able to achieve academic development through the vigorous activities of special interest groups. Another important role of the academy along with academic advancement is its social participation and contribution to the nation’s mental health. More effort is needed to increase the public understanding of various anxiety disorders. The academy will publish PR and educational materials about the major anxiety disorders to help people lead happy and healthy lives and understand anxiety and anxiety disorder. Whenever possible, the organization will reach out to the community and create opportunities to communicate with the public.

Mutual interchange among members is another important function of the academy, which will be fully supported by our organization. I ask for the continuous support and participation of former presidents and board of directors. Lastly, I will strive to develop a strong international network for the academy with the initial goal of becoming a leading academic organization in Asia. Then, we will further pave the way into the global arena. I ask our members for their continuous generous support and participation.

Kim Chan-Hyung
Chair, Executive Council

January 2015